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The department of Physics was established in 2017 which is now one of the best well-equipped department for undergraduate studies in this southern part of India. This Department aims to enable students to enjoy the subject and to stimulate an interest in the social and economic implications of Physics in society. It has well equipped laboratory containing more than 50 experimental set up. Every year it caters the UG students for in-depth understanding of the subject. Teaching faculty members are recruited according to UGC norms of qualification and the university regulations. The department presently has four full time faculty members, and all of them are PhD holders and one has secured post doctoral fellowship from the UGC. They are all active researchers in various areas of Physics and Materials Science. Three faculty members are recognized PhD guides in various areas of experimental and theoretical Physics. They have publications in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Some of them have participated in International conferences held in India and abroad. Faculty members are actively involved in the syllabus framing and restructuring at the University level.

Highlights of the Department:

  • Well-equipped spacious laboratory with computer and internet facilities.

  • Departmental Library

  • Hands on training via workshops to increase the practical skills of the students

  • Guest Lectures and Educational trip.

  • Coaching for JAM and other competitive exams (Co-curricular).

  • Participation of students in inter and intra-college poster, seminar, quiz, debate etc. competitions

Course Offered:

UG: Bachelor of Science affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli.

Research Programme:

Projects are also given to students who desire to excel in the field of basic science in collaboration with other colleges’ department faculty members. Projects in the field of nanomaterials, material science are carried out under the guidance of faculty members of the department.


  • Organization of renowned seminar, competition in Physics

  • Organization of State level Physics Seminar

  • Organization of lectures and students association meetings.

  • Participation of students in various inter-college competitions (Seminar, quiz, debate, projects) Student Internship programme in some recognized research institute/ departments are arranged Skill oriented Workshops for student

Academic Achievement of the Students:

Many of our students are working in reputed institutes of India.

Teaching Staffs:

Courses Offered

B.Sc Physics -
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Study Materials for Physics

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Dr. G. JANITA CHRISTOBEL M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D., PDF(UGC) Temporary Assistant Professor & Head Department of Physics Phone 9489573861
Dr. M. NAGARAJAN M.Sc., Ph.D Temporary Assistant Professor Department of Physics Phone 9865825601
Dr. M.J. JARALD BRIGIT GILDA M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Temporary Assistant Professor Department of Physics Phone 9894844008
Dr. S. SIVA BALA SOLANKI M.Sc., Ph.D Temporary Assistant Professor Department of Physics Phone 9976915413


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