College Council

College Council


College Council refer to a faculty council or committee that oversees academic policies and decisions within a college. This council may include representatives from different academic departments and may be responsible for developing and implementing curriculum, approving new courses, and making decisions about academic standards.

College Council may be used to refer to an administrative council or committee that oversees non-academic policies and decisions, such as budgeting, facilities management, and campus safety.


1 Dr. G. Saroja Principal
2 Dr. C. Rajeswari HOD Mathematics
3 Dr. M. I. Mohammed Umma HOD Commerce
4 Dr. Y. Burgmonds HOD Tamil
5 Dr. K. Saravanan HOD Business Administration
6 Mr. S. Pradeesh HOD Computer Applications
7 Dr. K. Vaikunda Raja HOD English
8 Dr. K. Muthuraja HOD Chemistry
9 Dr. G. Janita Christobel HOD Physics
10 Dr. S. P. Mathavan Director of Physical Education